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החברה הישראלית לנדלן
דף הבית פרופיל צור קשר נכסים מילון מונחים לקוחות החברה קישורים
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The Israeli Real Estate company, established 1996, is a leading company employing one of the most advanced methods in the field of marketing, sales, rentals and commercial Real Estate management. Amit Mizrahi, The manager and founder of the company, is a man of long term experience in the field of business-commercial Real Estate and he has made himself an excellent reputation in the field, experience and reputation that are available to the clients of the company.

The Israeli Real Estate company, deals with providing perfect solutions for Hi Tech companies, offices, logistic warehouses, plots and industrial facilities. Moreover, the company also deals with marketing projects for the industry, letting of big office buildings, tracing potential buyers for productive assets and, and, in addition, assists in planning new projects, staring with the acquisition stage of the plot through its marketing to the suitable client.

Professional Real Estate counseling refers to significant parameters which the The Israeli Real Estate company examines very carefully. Therefore, important parameters, such as the following, are examined: through-ways and transportation, municipal taxes, municipal construction planning (TABA), the size of the asset and its location, neighbors, upgrading potential, area profile and such.

Company clients will be accompanied by professional Real Estate officials all along the way, who will cater to their needs and demands and who will learn their specific needs, necessary for the work of the company such as: budget, location and nature of cliental and the residence of company employees. All these will be taken into consideration and will be answered professionally and in a reliable manner, alongside full cooperation and with total confidence.

The Israeli Real Estate company ensures full support and assistance on a daily basis, in all the procedure of negotiation and assistance in dealing with the various municipal authorities: architectures, assessors, contractors that are connected with the transference of the company. In addition, legal assistance will be also available if necessary.

Among the big clients that have made big and complex transactions with our assistance are companies such as: Internet Zahav, Intel, Rafak Electronics, I.T.L, The Kamour Group the importers of B.M.W, A.M.I.T company, Air lines consulters and many more.

In addition, The Israeli Real Estate Company is in day-to-day contact with the biggest Real Estate companies: Mivnei Taasiya, Gav Yam, Air Port City, Fishmann holdings, Oder Engineering, Alaide, Azorim Assets, Amot Investment, Delek Real Estate, Ashtrum and others.

We will be happy to assist you most professionally, reliably and with utmost confidence, and provide you with the suitable answers to your demands.
דף הבית פרופיל צור קשר נכסים מילון מונחים לקוחות החברה קישורים